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Trevor 5-5-2014

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What is it that keeps us coming back? Every summer we put our bodies and minds on the line to be a part of something great. We endure the yelling, the running, the reality checks, the tears, the mental break downs, and the people who get on our last nerve.

We work 15 hours a day just to sleep on a hard ass gym floor, but we can’t stay awake long enough to notice the discomfort. We wake up in the morning barely able to move, then we run, and it takes us to a whole new level of hell.

You’ll find us in quiet corners of stadiums or bus floors, just losing it because it’s so hard. God, is it hard. It’s the kind of hard that cannot be explained, but only endured.

The problem with explaining this activity is that it only sounds like horrible abuse to normal people, and it is. But the secret is to find the moments where the world expands into a single second, slowing and morphing around you to form what could be said to be a miracle.

You’re there with these 149 people and goddamn it’s just you and them creating this new lifetime within 100 yards. It’s just you and them giving off the most ridiculously badass vibe imaginable while making thousands if people go absolutely out-of-this-fucking-world insane.

Where the fuck do you think that beauty comes from? It’s you. It’s me.

That’s why we come back. To make beautiful things. To feel beautiful things.

To be beautiful.

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Play a C next to a C# and it’ll probably sound horrible to you. You might even call it wrong or bad. The sound goes to war with itself. It clashes. But take the C up an octave, and it becomes a major seventh. One of the most beautiful chords. It’s almost too nice sounding. When we see something bad or awful, maybe we’re just looking at in the wrong octave. We just need to change our perspective a little. Countries all over the world build bombs with the goal of hurting people, instilling fear, and killing, to prove a point. To try and change your perspective about an idea. Governments everywhere even bless their bombs for this purpose. Maybe we need a different kind of bomb. Maybe a bomb that makes people love you. Maybe a cupid bomb. I believe we already have it, and it’s called music. Every country has their own version of it and it works. It changes your viewpoint by bringing each other together. And you don’t even have to know a thing about it to get it. And in the end maybe all you really did was change the octave. Music is a language, a lifestyle, and it could just save the world.
Blue Devils 2014 | Felliniesque (99.65)

"Be Italian"

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Anonymous asked: Are you and Trevor f*ckn?


Currently no, but yes, we have had the sexy times.

Alex (Orange is the New Black)

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I think that when you have a connection with someone it never really goes away you know? You snap back to being important to each other because you still are.
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